The Playing Facilities

Inside the house and in the garden there are lots of possibilities for S&M play which meet nearly all the BDSM practices, such as bondage, spanking, clinic, pet play, cages, D&S play and disciplinary measures of all kinds. You can freely live your fetishes, such as cross-dressing, leather, latex, PVC, nudism etc. The windowless dungeon invites you to loud activities or long-term imprisonment.

In the vaults of the playrooms various kinds of BDSM furniture and equipment are available: gynaecology chair, examination couch, slave chair, whipping bench, wall cage, yoke and a lot more. Most of the equipment has been made in our own wood and steel workshop to be perfect in performance.

Our gyno-chair is not a camp-stool, but an antique device which has been restored and optimized with great care.

The wrought iron hanging cage can be pulled up high in the carob tree – an experience beyond compare! Alternatively, the heavy duty bondage ring can be attached to the chain block.

In the cage vault under the old stone staircase you find the opportunity to keep your slave or pet appropriate to their species.

The dungeon is located in the deepest vault of the tower. With meter-thick stone walls and many built-in chains and rings it is the perfect place for vociferous sessions as well as for long-term dark imprisonment.

The range of playing facilities both indoors and outdoors is constantly being expanded. We are open for your suggestions!

Chains, ropes, hooks etc. are available, also a small CD player and laptop / iPhone speakers for your session music. Further tools like whips or more intimate devices we do not provide for hygienic reasons – please bring your own.

Outside of the house, a reduced noise level should go without saying, like outside of our gates an inconspicuous (“normal”) behaviour.